Brent Scott In The News

Brent Scott urges West Orange residents to Get Counted for the US Census, “In West Orange, an accurate Census count could go a long way towards reversing the upward trajectory our property taxes.” West Orange Patch

West Orange Open Space & Recreation Commission Member, Brent Scott, urges council to preserve historic 12 acres. “This property is important to the township for our quality of life...” Essex Daily News

Brent Scott speaks up for West Orange first responders, “I’m very proud of the police and firefighters that I’ve encountered in West Orange. I’m comfortable enough to introduce them to my two sons.” Essex Daily News

Sierra Club’s Regional Director Brent Scott said, “The Organization is targeting members of congress who voted to gut the Clean Water Act and other environmental laws." Las Vegas Sun

Brent Scott supports Clean Money, Clean Elections Campaign Finance Reform “America is the world’s first real democracy but, our democracy is in the vise grip of a few powerful corporations, Brent Scott, Citizen Action." Albany Times-Union - Read article

“New rep in field office,” Brent Scott appointed at Sierra Club. Southern Sierran - Read article

Brent Scott, National Coordinator at Consumers Union, backs stronger identity theft protections ABC7 News  - Read article

Essex Daily News, Brent Scott: “I’m proud of these men and women and I find it ironic that this council, by a slim majority or any majority would even think of giving them a contract that they’re so adamantly opposed to. I encourage you to listen to them.” Youtube; Nov. 12, 20-19. 1hr.25.11er.