In 2019 the West Orange Council raised property taxes though New Jersey has the highest foreclosure rate in America. At the same time the council gave a 30 year tax break to a developer. Garden State taxpayers also send more money to the federal government in income taxes than we receive in return. As Councilman, reducing property taxes for West Orange homeowners will be my top priority. And, I’ll work with our congressional representatives to bring more of our own money back to West Orange.


West Orange Police have a done tremendous job during this Covid-19 pandemic. They deserve a contract that represents the values of West Orange residents. A new contract should be about more than pay issues and healthcare plans. A new contract should codify into law training in de-escalation, anti-bias training, when to fire a weapon, banning choke holds, rubber bullets and tear gas, require body cams and address new issues in policing such cyber-stalking and bullying.


It is a truism in business and government that better decisions are made when more people are involved. From policing to snow removal to maintaining our parks and open spaces, all West Orange residents deserve a voice in public policy and setting budget priorities that reflects our values. Accountability means going beyond posting the council agenda on a website. Accountability requires a commitment to inclusion and community involvement. This means holding more than one hearing (giving more residents an opportunity to present their views) before voting on policy and budget items. It means opening all council hearings to our broader community in real-time online and conducting public forums outside of council hearings. As Councilman, I’ll make communication of public policy proposals a priority. I’ll take discussion of issues to West Orange civic and community organizations, media outlets and other public forums. An informed public makes the best decisions.


Garden State residents understand the necessity for public transportation. But, between New Jersey Transit, Path Trains and the NY Subway, it can cost a lot. West Orange residents need a reliable jitney service to get to and from other public transit. Our seniors need the service to get to around town for shopping and recreation. The jitney is a positive public service as important as parks and our library. Environmentally, our jitney service takes cars off the road, reducing traffic congestion and air pollution. As Councilman, I’ll support our jitney service. I’ll work with our partners from county freeholders to state legislators in Trenton and members of Congress to bring more transit dollars to West Orange, so that residents won’t have to pay even more for public transportation.


In my career I have served at senior levels in business, public interest advocacy and government. Protecting our environment involves maintaining parks and open space, updating existing infrastructure and forward thinking for instituting smart planning and smart design into future projects. As Councilman, I’ll work to make West Orange a more livable community with complete streets and safe sidewalks for walking and cycling. I support expanding our jitney service to take more cars off our roads while decreasing traffic congestion and air pollution. I’ll support development that incorporates and preserves our historic heritage while protecting the air we breathe and the quality of our neighborhoods.

                           BRENT SCOTT FOR COUNCIL                        

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